HOWTOMARKETING™ is a unique series of programs and in-person workshops highlighting simple and affordable solutions to help you market your small to medium sized business.

Brought to you by Kylie Fennell, HOWTOMARKETING™ I also specialise in delivering presentations and workshops on marketing for writers and (aspiring authors).

Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing and getting more business, and if they do know, they just don’t have the time and money to make it happen.

This is where HOWTOMARKETING™ comes in.

I offer !deas Small Business marketing in-person workshops and coaching programs.

Or you may like to check out my free howto online resources and self-paced program. These resources outline a complete DIY marketing system comprised of instructional videos, tried and tested tips, tools, templates and samples.

THE HOW TO Marketing Approach

Small Business Marketing shouldn’t be as complicated as it sometimes seems.

I focus on making small business marketing simple with my HOW TO Market My Small Business online program and a 5 Step marketing formula.

In this 7 minute video I reveal this formula and introduce you to HOW TO Market My Small Business.


If you haven’t done so already – you may also be interested in downloading our FREE Ultimate Social Media Guide for Business – a 100+ ebook on social media marketing.


If you’re after awesome marketing content that will make your day, check out my writing services here.

What people are saying about me

“Kylie has been instrumental in guiding my small business through the modern marketing minefield, and has been extremely helpful with digital marketing and web based strategies.

We have reduced our ongoing costs enormously with our short stay business thanks to Kylie’s innovative and clever approach to some of the basics of our operation. Her strong grasp of internet and digital platforms was invaluable.”
Simon Hughes, Business Owner, The Grey House

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