!deas Small Business Marketing

It’s time to get excited about marketing!

Start by finding out:

  • What makes people buy?
  • How to get people to choose your brand over another?
  • How to create ultimate brand fans for more sales?

Using just to simple things…

Ideas + EmotionOR


People don’t buy products or services.

They buy solutions to their problems, but the brand they ultimately choose is the one they connect with the most.

Customers choose and buy into a brand experience, an idea and how they feel about that idea.

You just need to pinpoint an idea and emotion that connects with enough people.

Connect with these people through storytelling and great content, plus a marketing funnel that rocks, and you’ve got the ultimate brand fans – or customers that will do the selling for you!

I’ll show you how with my !deas Marketing workshops, special events and coaching program.

You will get expert marketing tips, tools and actionable ideas you can use immediately.

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