Module 1 – Identify


In Module 1 – IDENTIFY you’re going to develop strong foundations to best ensure your marketing success. You will IDENTIFY the people you need to target and your foundation tools to best target them. This first module requires the most action, but once completed will put you in a strong position for the remainder of the course and marketing implementation.

Watch the videos and read content in the order presented below and then carry out the actions as prompted. You will be prompted and shown how to conduct the following:

  • Familiarise yourself with the The HOWTOMARKETING™ Formula and Master Strategy Template
  • Conduct a Competitor Analysis
  • Conduct Market Research and SWOT Analysis
  • Developing your positioning story and messaging
  • Identify your key stakeholders and influencers
  • Identify your Marketing Goals and Objectives
  • Start identifying key marketing and communication tools and tactics and then prioritise them.


You can access self-paced guides for completing this and the other HOWTO Market My Small Business modules here.

Module 1 Content

1. Marketing 101

1 Marketing 101_handout  1 Marketing 101_slides


2 HOWTOMARKETING formula_handout  2 HOWTOMARKETING formula_slides

3. The HOWTOMARKETING™ Master Strategy

3 howtomarketing_master strategy_slides TEMPLATE_howtomarketing_master strategy SAMPLE_howtomarketing_master strategy

4. Competitor Analysis

4 Competitor Analysis_slides

Use Master Strategy template or Competitor analysis_standalone_printout

5. Market Research and SWOT Analysis

5 Market Research and SWOT_slides

Use Master Strategy template or SWOT analysis_standalone_printout

6. Positioning and Branding

6 Positioning and Brand Story Slides  6 Positioning howto and pro-forma_handout

Use Master Strategy template or Positioning_standalone_printout

7. Ideal Customer Personas

7 Customer persona howto and pro-forma  7 Ideal customer_slides

Use Master Strategy template or Customer persona _standalone_printout

8. Key Influencers and Stakeholders

8 Influencers and Stakeholders_slides

Use Master Strategy template or influencer and stakeholder_standalone_handout

9. Goals and Objectives

9 Goals and Objectives_slides

Use Master Strategy template or marketing goals and objectives_standalone_printout

10. Visual Identity

10 Visual identity_handout   10 Visual Identity_slides   10 Design Brief Template

11. Marketing and Communication Tools

11 Marcomms Tools and Tactics_slides

Use Master Strategy template or marketing and comms matrix_standalone_printout and
marketing and communication tool REF list_standalone_printout

12. Impact vs Effort

12 Impact vs Effort_slides

Use Master Strategy template or Impact_v_Effort_standalone_printout and