Module 2 – Connect


In Module 2 – CONNECT you’re going to recap on the marketing and communication tools and tactics introduced to you via The HOWTOMARKETING™ Master Strategy Template in Module 1. You will learn more about each of the different tools and tactics you may consider using in your business to best CONNECT with your target audience.

Watch the videos and read content in the order presented below and then carry out the actions as prompted. You will be prompted and shown how to:

  • Use the The HOWTOMARKETING™ Master Strategy Template to develop a marketing and communication action and evaluation plan that can be used immediately in our business.


You can access self-paced guides for completing this and the other HOWTO Market My Small Business modules here.

Module 2 Content

1. Marketing and Communication Action and Evaluation Plan

1 Connect Marcomms Action plan_slides

Use Master Strategy template or Action_evaluation_plan_standalone-printout

2. Social Media 

2 Social Media Marketing_handout  2 Social Media Marketing_slides


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Social media planner

Social media planner_web

Social Media Platform Tour Videos

3. Digital and Online

3 Digital and Online_slides
  3 Digital marketing strategy_handout  3 Websites and SEO_handout

4. Data and Customer Tools

4 Data and Customer Tools_slides

5. Thought Leadership and Profile

5 Thought Leadership and Profile_slides

6. Media and Publicity

6 Media release sample_handout   6 Media and Publicity_slides  6 News story and media release tips_handout   6 Media Alert template_handout

7. Marketing Collateral

7 Content Writing tips_handout  7 Marketing Collateral_slides

8. Direct Marketing

8 Direct Marketing_slides

9. Promotions

9 Promotions_slides

10. Engagement

10 Engagement activities

11. Advertising

11 Advertising_slides 11 Advertisement writing tips_handout

The HOWTOMARKETING™ Master Strategy Template and Sample

SAMPLE_howtomarketing_master strategy   TEMPLATE_howtomarketing_master strategy