Module 3 – Engage


In Module 3 – ENGAGE you’re going to build on the knowledge you have acquired in previous modules to focus on developing, delivering and managing great marketing content. You are going to ENGAGE with your CONNECTIONS – your ideal customers, key influencers and stakeholders.

Watch the videos and read content in the order presented below and then carry out the actions as prompted. You will be prompted and shown how to:

  • Use the Social Media Planner in The HOWTOMARKETING™ Master Strategy Template
  • Create engaging marketing content
  • Develop Sales and Process maps and apply them to Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
  • Manage product and service reviews.


You can access self-paced guides for completing this and the other HOWTO Market My Small Business modules here.

Module 3 Content

1. Social Media Strategy

1 Engage and Social Media Strategy_slides

2. Content Creation and Management

2 Content creation and management_slides

3. CRMs and Communication/Sales Process Maps

3 CRMs and Communication Process Maps_slides

4. Reviews – the good, the bad and the ugly

4 Reviews_slides

The HOWTOMARKETING™ Master Strategy Template and Sample

TEMPLATE_howtomarketing_master strategy  SAMPLE_howtomarketing_master strategy