Module 5 – Nurture

In Module 5 – NURTURE you’re going to use further PERSUASIVE tools and techniques to encourage your customers to repeat purchase and refer others to your business.

Watch the videos and read content in the order presented below and then carry out the actions as prompted. You will be prompted and shown how to:

  • Use referrals and rewards.
  • And as this is the final module in this course you will also learn how to monitor and evaluate the success of your marketing activities.


You can access self-paced guides for completing this and the other HOWTO Market My Small Business modules here.

Module 5 Content

1. Referrals and Incentives

1 Nurture – Referrals and Incentives_slides

2. Monitoring and Evaluation

2 Monitoring and evaluation  5 ROI calculator template

The HOWTOMARKETING™ Master Strategy Template and Sample

TEMPLATE_howtomarketing_master strategy  SAMPLE_howtomarketing_master strategy